Listing with Us

Tony Eddy & Associates

Tony Eddy & Associates (TEA) is a project marketing & investment consulting company with an expertise in helping real estate developers refine project development concept, and formulate rigorous marketing and sales strategy to penetrate intended target market. We have been in the market since 1998 and we have already a long list of corporate clients such as :

  • American Express Bank
  • PT. Duta Anggada Realty, Tbk.
  • Bank BII, Tbk
  • Credit Lyonnais Bank Jakarta
  • PT. Gapura Prima
  • PT. Aneka Kimia Raya, Tbk.
  • PT. Jakarta International Setiabudi, Tbk.
  • Ciputra Group
  • Danamon Group
  • PT. Jababeka, Tbk.
  • PT. WIKA Realty, Tbk.
  • Brasali Group
  • Agung Podomoro Group
  • Property21 – Surabaya


Unlike the majority of other real estate consultants who focus mainly on paper-based feasibility study with many assumptions, at TEA we will give you our full commitment to ensure that every project we handle is saleable. Thus, not only do we promise and advise that a project is feasible, but furthermore, we also strive to prove it saleable and profitable, at the end.